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Hub Culture Emerald City is a 3D virtualization environment designed for multiple users and connected to global events. The City features a network of virtual reality environments connected to real world events, enabling remote participation in new ways. Emerald City is a carbon positive project, linked to reforestation projects in the real world, and using virtual participation for events as the catalyst for engagement. Emerald City features a network of virtual event spaces and brand designed Pavilions to host participants and audiences together around real world event moments, with coordinated programming, video conferencing, and multiple environments for shared virtual reality.


Access to Hub Culture Emerald City will be available to global citizens holding HubID identity certifications, and includes a range of services related to Ven digital currency payments, Propel liquid governance, AGREE contracting and engagements, and more.

Phase 1 access to the City will provide users access to Virtual Community Pavilions linked to major events where Hub Culture hosts its members:

  • Cannes Film Festival & Ad Lions
  • Bermuda Innovation Sprint
  • Tokyo Summer Olympics
  • UNGA and Climate Week NYC
  • Dubai World Expo
  • Art Basel Miami Beach
  • WEF Davos Week

Emerald City phased development:

  • Phase 1: Virtual Reality City with Partner VR Pavilions, development of a fundraising campaign to purchase 10,000 hectares of destroyed rainforest land, with a 1 million trees replanting campaign to begin restoring the land.
  • Phase 2: The Emerald City begins master development with a carbon positive city, built in harmony with deep nature. Anchored by a medical and wellness facility focused on mental health, indigenous healing techniques and research into Amazonian plants and plant therapies.
  • Phase 3: Partner Pavilions begin to appear on one hectare plots, in a variety of live/work/research configurations. Development of public infrastructure based on innovation and uncompromising sustainablility
  • Phase 4: Rolling out additional Emerald Cities in other locations as a model for resilience and education.


Hub Culture maintains offices in Bermuda, London, New York, Geneva and Los Angeles, with periodically operational Hubs in Davos, Ibiza, London, Los Angeles and New York. General Enquiries:

North America Toll Free: +1 844 HUB CULTURE

Social Roaming/Whatsapp: +44 7951 447 059 | +1646 920 7773

Global Conferencing: + 1 415 363 0833 Pin: 801838