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Emerald City Governance

EmC is a distributed community effort led by Hub Culture. The aim is to create a rapidly growing and scalable virtual city that brings economic opportunity to its virtual citizens. Access control to the city is managed by HubID ( which offers a granulated digital identity service owned by each citizen. Property owners in EmC are able to control access through geographic and time-based access.

Property Control

Each property owner receives an Admin dashboard where they can load approved users into the system, and to determine levels of access to the Property. Levels of access include: Owners, Managers, Employees, Restricted, Clients, Events, and Guests, and owners will be able to submit additional access control levels for their property which can be potentially shared with other users to help cover edge use cases. The property dashboard also includes a facility for controlling content streams to a property, such as a video or slide presentation, shared documents, teleconferencing schedules and chat management.

Voting and Engagement

Hub Culture Propel is a liquid democracy tool providing real-time voting and proxy decision-making. Each property receives its own digital Hub for content provision, document management, access control and more. Propel governance at the property level will allow each property to write and enforce rules related to that particular experience, and each citizen and property owner will have input through Propel into wider community decisions, including things like development of public and community services in the City.

Community Elections

Over time, a series of city elections are expected to help build the culture of the city and to create economic development for the citizens of the city. In its initial stages this economic development is envisioned on two levels – jobs in the virtual city to build and develop the experience, and economic enhancement and development from companies located in the city for work outside the realms.


Hub Culture is working round the clock to debut the first neighbourhood and to establish partnerships for the project to rapidly bring it to life. Prospective citizens can register online, and partner companies can secure their properties and begin building their environments today by visiting

Existing members of are automatically granted free Emerald City citizenship, and will have access to the open community realm upon debut.