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Emerald City Citizenship

It is easy to become a citizen of Emerald City and start earning value today. Simply complete our citizenship form to obtain a HubID, which will set you up for access when the first neighbourhoods begin to arrive. Join.

Meanwhile, you can use your HubID to access the main Hub Culture virtual state to access services, connect with others, broker contracts and share knowledge, visit a physical world Hub Culture space and more.

Work to Do

Welcome to the Emerald City Career Center. Like any modern metropolis, there is a lot of work to do to keep things running smoothly. You can apply for one of the below roles by upgrading your HubID membership. Once approved, you will have access to create products and services, to help the city grow, and more


Design buildings, landscapes or other city features and submit them to the Archives, where other Citizens can purchase Council approved designs for use on their property.


Beyond architectural infrastructure, designers are encouraged to develop features, products and other virtual items that can be made available to other users in the archives.

🏘️Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents help manage the purchase, sale or trade of properties in Emerald City and work with owners to bring their vision to life, while guiding new members through the process of property development.


Developers work on bringing neighborhoods to life, building integrated plans across properties to scale up larger scale environments, shared spaces, and more.


Artisans create public and private art installations for the city and for property owners.


A wide variety of services are needed in Emerald City - from leading virtual classes, online fitness, wellness, DJs and more.


From private and public education to specialized knowledge withing properties, educational experts offer priceless assistance to Citizens.


All properties come with access to e-commerce and sales functions, for both digital and real world goods. Merchants can link inventories and move products.


Are you a social media or digital influencer? Then getting the word out about properties and helping property owners to amplify their virtual sessions, ideas and products may be the right thing for you to help with.


The infrastructure of Emerald City takes a lot of development work at all levels. Developers gain enhanced access to help the City Council develop new features and functions to benefit all citizens.

💱Financial Services

Do you represent a regulated financial entity? If so you may find work in a variety of financial service roles available to the Emerald City population.

👩‍⚕️Healthcare Practitioner

Connect securely and privately with your patients through Emerald City Tele-medicine clinics and other medical services. Online video consultations and VR experiences drive this service.