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Emerald City Investment

Economic models for developers, property brokers, designers, service providers and more are all available in Emerald City. Hub Culture is creating a community revenue fund model which will be used to bootstrap development, create dividend returns on general economic performance, drive investment and more.

Emerald City Bonds

Hub Culture is introducing Virtual Bonds to help fund the development of the City. The bonds work on a 1-5 year basis with fixed annual returns paid in Ven or USD. This private funding mechanism is tiered:

  • 1 Year Bond : 3% interest rate.
  • 3 Year Bond : 5% interest rate.
  • 5 Year Bond : 7% interest rate.

Bonds are purchased in the Emerald City virtual store at

Bond principals and/or returns can be exchanged for economic credit in Emerald City toward the purchase of land and infrastructure in the City.

Emerald City Citizen Project Bonds

Citizens can launch Project Bonds to fund development of their own project in Emerald City. These bonds require the same repayment rate, or can be linked to the economic returns of the project in question. All Citizen Project bonds require approval by the Emerald City Council, with submission requests available online.

Real Estate Purchases

Company Pavilion:

Cost is per hectare and includes the following benefits: Development of a custom branded pavilion and event grounds, event space, control dashboard, access control, VR, livestream, chat, document repository and data analytics.

Period is for a fully inclusive 12 month operation, after which VOA fees may be charged around bandwidth usage (similar to an real-world real estate electricity, maintenance and logistics charge)

Developer Investors:

Hectares may be purchased in the City for later resale or subdivided development. This allows Emerald City developers to create shared spaces or networked activities with their ecosystem of partners, clients or suppliers, to experiment with unique forms of entertainment or to look at other activities that will enrich the experience for Emerald City residents.